Student Leadership | Somerset College

Student Leadership


As part of our commitment to developing innovative and dynamic leaders of our modern world, Somerset College has a respected and progressive student leadership system that incorporates democratic election, skills-based selection, collaboration and mentorship. Our students experience and participate in the reality of 21st century leadership development and responsibility while creating new leadership opportunities and growth across multiple grades and educational environments.

Head Girl – Michaella Beart
Head Boy – Zachary van Cuyck
Deputy Head Girl – Athraa Abrahams
Deputy Head Boy – Andrew Whaits

Miranda Gxaba - Community and Environment

Dhania Schultz - Culture and Performance

Jonathan van Druten and Emma Martin - Grade and Academia

Chloe Smit and Harry Frew - Media and Marketing

Spencer Wiggins and Peter-Jack Harrison - Student and Social

Stephanie Bihl - Sport and Outdoor Education 



Chad Marock

Bryce Gibson 

Helderberg Vineyard House
Akhanya Mbengashe 

Helderberg Founders’ House
Emma Toth

Jodie Lewin 

Academic:  Emma Anderson

Audio Visual:   Jo Saul

Dramatic Arts:   Lauren Schoeman

Eco: Noa Brawermann  

Interact:  Katie Harries

Library Custodians:   Keara Davis

Marketing:  Ethan Parr

Matric Committee: Kristin Bohmert  

Music:  Matthew Apel

Public Relations:  Sophia Friedrich

Social Responsibility:  Chloë Levey 

Spirit:  Mikayla Boettger 

Sport:   Matthew Beattie

Student Wellbeing:  Monique Grove 

Visual Arts and Design:   Emma Richardson