Student Development Unit

A well-developed Student Development Unit (SDU) provides support for students experiencing a variety of barriers to learning.

The role of the academic staff in providing support for the students cannot be over-emphasized. The subject teacher will offer support to a student who experiences academic difficulties in a particular subject. The teacher will decide on the level of intervention that is necessary. This may range from a quick extra lesson to more regular lessons. The teacher decides if it is necessary to refer the student to a tutor in that subject. The teacher will communicate with the parents and tutor of the child.

Students often require support in developing their levels of personal organization and work delivery, particularly when they fall behind in more than one subject. Weekly staff meetings are held where some of the time is dedicated to discussing students about whom staff are concerned. The level of intervention needed is agreed upon and is usually monitored by the student’s tutor.

The daily support programme is used where progress needs to be monitored more closely. Care is taken to ensure that the student views this intervention as a support and not as a punishment. Parents of the student are informed of the progression of the intervention.

The SDU often refers students who require professional support to the network of psychologists and therapists that have a good working relationship with the school. There are occasions where, despite the repeated efforts of the staff, students do not respond positively to the support they have been offered. Once again, the subject teacher is the first step in the disciplinary process. Staff would then refer disciplinary issues to tutors, grade heads or the deputy heads for further intervention.

Head of the Student Development Unit – Mrs Suretta Moolman (Occupational Therapist and Mediator)

Director of Pastoral Care: Mrs Dani Randall (Counsellor)

Administrative Assistant: Mrs Shirley Mussmann
Telephone: 021 842-8081